Get Metro 2033 for free on Facebook

Get Metro 2033 for free on Facebook

metro 2033 iconDeveloper THQ is giving away copies of their game, Metro 2033, for free on Facebook today. It’s extremely simple to get the game. All you have to do is head over to THQ’s Facebook page and give it a like. The app will request basic permissions from you like your name, birthday, and email. You can choose to share or hide the offer from your Facebook Timeline.

Once you’ve given the Facebook page a like, there will be a button that says, “Reveal Code.” Click on that and you’ll be given a key code which you can plug into Steam. If you don’t have Steam installed already, you can get it here.

metro 2033 facebook page

In Steam, click on “Games” at the top and then “Activate a product on Steam.” Paste in the code, click next, and you’re all set! Metro 2033 is now yours forever. Steam will ask you if you want to start downloading it. Click Next to start the installation. It’s a hefty 8GB download so be patient and make sure your hard drive has enough space.

activate a product on steam

THQ is giving away Metro 2033 as a promotion to for its upcoming Metro sequel, Metro: Last Light. If you don’t know what the Metro series is about, it’s basically a survival horror game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Ukraine. Residents of Russia were forced to live underground in metro stations to avoid nuclear fallout.

Although Metro 2033 is a couple of years old now, it’s still worth playing. It’s a taxing game so make sure your system requirements are enough to run the game!

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